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Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Wow,  it certainly got brutally cold here again in upstate New York! This morning upon leaving my house it was  -5 F. While that isn’t record-breaking temperatures here it is still cold,  even if I have lived here most of my life.

I had a startling realization as I knocked snow off my head, while climbing into the car. I am a knitter and I do not own a hat!! How is this possible?! Everyday I make sure that my kids have their hats and mittens on before leaving the house, yet I walk out without a thought to my own head. So I have decided it is time to knit myself a hat. 🙂

I checked out my queue on Ravelry (which is far longer than it should be) to find a pattern, and my queue did not fail me. Subconsciously I must have been longing for a hat, for there were several hat patterns that I had tagged for myself throughout the years. However, most of these patterns required fingering weight yarn (something that I don’t have an abundance of in my stash). I hemmed and hawed for a while on whether or not to find the perfect yarn online and order it. But a voice of reason inside my head said “Silly girl by the time the yarn gets here and you knit the hat spring will be arriving!”.

So I have decided on knitting myself Sanpo. I have a lot of worsted weight yarn on hand and I am on a stranded knitting kick. 😉