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Welcome to Not Just a Knit Wit!

Hi, welcome to “Not Just a Knit Wit”! First let me introduce myself, my name is Stacy and this is my first post in my first blog. I am a mom to two wonderful children and when I am not busy with them I knit or crochet. My goal for this blog is to share my knitting and crocheting successes and disasters. As well as any new crafty, fun hobbies I try along the way.

I taught myself how to knit 17 years ago when I was a teenager on summer vacation. My elderly neighbor, Mrs. Brown, had brought over a small ball of cream colored yarn, a pair of US size 7 straight needles and a Columbia-Minerva #744, Teach Yourself to Knit the Easy Way book (which was already vintage at the time). I remember tackling the task of casting on and learning how to knit and purl with such determination, not for a moment wanting to think that the yarn might when the struggle. In a few days I had knit the entire ball into what I’d now refer to as a gauge swatch, and was ready to try “real knitting”. I pulled out the square and rewound the ball by hand. I then cast on for my first pair of baby booties, nothing  fancy but they compelled me to knit them just the same. I remember feeling such a feeling of accomplishment when I finished those booties later that week.


The first pair of baby booties I knitted.


Looking back on these booties now I am glad I didn’t see the flaws in them then like I do now. After all, these are the booties that started my whole knitting obsession, and without knitting I wouldn’t be me.