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Color Craving and Tiny Hats

The first weekend of the New Year, how exciting! As the first few days of the year come and gone I have been busily working on and planning knitting projects.

Molly and Clare from the Homespun Podcast are hosting a shawl KAL (knit along) this month. That means that on January 1st (or after) anyone participating casts on a shawl of their choice and has until the end of the month to finish the shawl. I have chosen to knit a Color Craving Shawl by Steven West. I bought this pattern way back in August to knit, as part of the mystery knit along that Steven West had designed it for. However I was way too busy then to actually knit it.

I am using Knit Picks Pallette yarn in the color ways rouge, heather marble and alfalfa. Pallette is a fingering weight yarn made out of 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.

Ooh, so pretty!

I love the rich saturated colors of the yarn! (It is not red but a bright pink!) 🙂

I was so excited to get it cast on that I was starting to worry after several false starts, but I finally got the shawl cast on late Thursday night. This pattern definitely takes a lot of concentration but I am loving seeing how the colors are looking together!

Color Craving

My Color Craving Shawl, only 25 rows knit so far. 🙂

I have designated this as my after the kids go to bed knitting. There is no way that I have the brain power to knit this while the kids are around without making a ton of mistakes. So while the kids are up and about I have started making preemie caps for The Precious Preemie Project charity group that collects and distributes preemie hats to NICU’s in the United States.

These little hats are so tiny and quick that I am able to crochet or knit one up in no time at all! It is a great project to fill in the gaps in between household chores and kids random requests. 🙂

preemie hats

It is so much fun creating these little hats!

I can’t wait to see how many of these little hats I can make this month! I love the fact that my love for knitting and crocheting will make a difference in someone’s life. 🙂

I would like to apologize for the crummy pictures there isn’t enough natural light available this time of year to take good pictures. It doesn’t help that these were taken with my phone camera because I have yet to locate the charger for my camera since the move. I promise to look for it more this weekend though. :O)





Knits for me!

It is hard to believe that it is already February! The past week was such a wreck I didn’t have time to think let alone post. I am hoping that life will settle back down now that the week is over. 🙂

Even through life was crazy this week I still got in a lot of knitting time.  I managed to finish my My Tototro Hat. The pattern is Sanpo by MJ Saunders.

My Totoro Hat

My first wearable knitted item I made for myself!


I found this pattern an absolute delight to work. The pattern uses a chart for the color work that was easy to follow. I love the herringbone edge that the pattern uses.

Herringbone edge

The herringbone edge gave this hat even more character.

My traveling knitting seemed to get a lot of attention this week too. My traveling knitting is simple a small project that I carry along in my tote bag so that if I find myself in a waiting room situation or detained somewhere unexpected I have something to work on.

Well I have been toting around a pair of Afterthought heel socks for what seems like eons.  It has only actually been 3 months and one sock was already knit (except for the heel).  Well I have done so much idle sitting in public that I have managed to finish all but the second heel. 🙂

Afterthought Heel Socks

I can’t even begin to tell you how nervous I was when it came to take the waste yarn out of the first sock! I

I am hoping to have new warm socks to wear by the end of the weekend. Making that my second wearable hand knit for myself! I feel so spoiled right now. 😀





Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Wow,  it certainly got brutally cold here again in upstate New York! This morning upon leaving my house it was  -5 F. While that isn’t record-breaking temperatures here it is still cold,  even if I have lived here most of my life.

I had a startling realization as I knocked snow off my head, while climbing into the car. I am a knitter and I do not own a hat!! How is this possible?! Everyday I make sure that my kids have their hats and mittens on before leaving the house, yet I walk out without a thought to my own head. So I have decided it is time to knit myself a hat. 🙂

I checked out my queue on Ravelry (which is far longer than it should be) to find a pattern, and my queue did not fail me. Subconsciously I must have been longing for a hat, for there were several hat patterns that I had tagged for myself throughout the years. However, most of these patterns required fingering weight yarn (something that I don’t have an abundance of in my stash). I hemmed and hawed for a while on whether or not to find the perfect yarn online and order it. But a voice of reason inside my head said “Silly girl by the time the yarn gets here and you knit the hat spring will be arriving!”.

So I have decided on knitting myself Sanpo. I have a lot of worsted weight yarn on hand and I am on a stranded knitting kick. 😉