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Stash Down and Library A-long

It is hard to believe that we are halfway through January! I figure there is no time like the present to actually start putting my goals for the new year into action.

If you remember my first goal for the year was to refresh my stash (if not you can read about it here). I have decided to put this into perspective and figure out how much yarn I actually had in my stash.  While ravelry is great for logging your yarn into to virtually see what you have It really doesn’t tell you flat-out how many yards you have squirreled away. So what does any logical person do in this situation? Well they create a spreadsheet of course! 😀

Wait a minute… what do you mean this is not what “normal” people do?!? 😕

Well a spreadsheet of course is an awesome way to track yarn by weight, yardage and date purchased. However the actualization of the numbers is over whelming! I knew I had quiet a bit of stash but I thought it was manageable. As a matter of fact I thought I had maybe a year or twos worth of yarn.

Well I can tell you I was very wrong! It turns out that I have 19,429 yards of yarn and that is just the yarn that I entered in my ravelry stash! 😮 I will be spending sometime this weekend finding the yarn that I have managed to “overlook”.

With numbers like that I figured I needed a really good plan! Well it just so happens I have one! 🙂 Arlin from The Lost Geek podcast (if you have not listened to the podcast go over and check it out!) has come up with a library a-long. Which is an awesome way to use stash and use patterns that you have already purchased that you haven’t used yet, that were purchased before 1/1/2014! What a great idea! I mean I have so many patterns that I have purchased that I have wanted to make but then set it to the side and make something else.

The best part about it is that the shawl I have been knitting counts for both the stash down and the Library A-Long, as well as the preemie hats!! I can’t wait to search through my books and magazines to find patterns I love, that work with the yarn I have!



February: The Month of Baby Knits

When I found out that my sister was pregnant back in September  my mind immediately flooded with  all sorts of things I wanted to knit. Of course, by  reading blogs and checking out Pinterest, I also found a few things I wanted to attempt to sew. So when I was told that the tentative date for my sister’s baby shower is going to be the first weekend in April I was both delighted and surprised. I mean that leaves what about 8 weeks for knitting and learning  how to get along with my sewing machine! Scary!!

I am so glad I got so many of my WIPs done in January, because I am declaring February to be the month of baby knits. Last night I cast on for Elefante by Susan B. Anderson, and I am planing on knitting Free ‘n’ Easy Striped Baby Blanket (ravelry link) and Baby Pears Blanket Buddy (ravelry link). I need to go yarn shopping before I can start them (Yay, yarn shopping!!) and while I am yarn shopping I will be checking out some cute fabrics too. I am thinking about starting simple with sewing maybe do a couple of burp cloths or bibs.

What are some of your favorite “go to” baby projects?


Button Band Done!

Tuesday I blogged about how it was so cold here and how poor little old me didn’t own a hat. 😦 However I had a plan of action: I was going to knit myself a hat. The next day while I was rummaging around to find the yarn I would use I had this nagging guilt almost consume me. How could I cast on for another project while I still had WIPs that need my attention? My New Year’s goal to only have 3 WIPs on the needles was coming back to haunt me.

I had no other choice; I put down the yarn and picked up the oldest WIP in my basket.  I ma sure you all know which WIP I am referring to: the Ancient WIP! The sweater that I had tried to pick up the stitches for the button band over and over again in the beginning of the month, without success. This time I was determined to not let the sweater get the better of me; I would not let it win! Then without even thinking about it I went to work picking up stitches along the edge of the sweater. Heck , I didn’t even count the stitches. I figured that I would pick up what I thought looked like a reasonable amount and then just knit it up and see how it looked.

Button band

Doesn’t look to bad for just winging it. 🙂

Well fate must have been on my side that night because when I bound off I was amazed to see that it actually didn’t look half bad( I would like to add here that I will probably never approach a button band this way again, nor do I recommend anyone else try it).  Now I just have to find buttons and seam it up, but it is such a relief to have the knitting part of this sweater behind me. 😀

I have started my Sanpo hat but haven’t had much time to work on it. Today was my son’s Pinewood Derby race. We spent Friday night getting his car ready for the race. When we got to the race one of the leaders helped my son fix the wheels on his car, apparently I am not as good at building race cars as I am knitting. LOL After the quick alignment my sons car managed to do fairly well. Which he was very excited about.

pinewood derby

My little guy’s pinewood derby car. 🙂

Now that all the excitement is over I can go back to my knitting. 😉


Here is what my hat looks like so far. 🙂

A New Year, A New Journey!

I love the start of a new year. It always brings with it a renewed creative spark that gets me thinking about all the wonderful things I”d like to make and things I’d like to learn through the year. My brain starts working overtime trying to figure out what new project I am going to cast on first.

This year was no different. That is until I realized, on New Years Eve when I was still working on Christmas presents, that I was behind schedule….way behind schedule! How could this happen?! I mean I had a plan, as of the first I was going to be working on new things, things that were going to be the start of my new journey in a new year! I thought about casting the projects I was working on in the basket next to the computer and “come back to them later”. Who was I trying to kid? There was no way that once I put down those WIP’s (works in progress) that I was going to go back to them anytime in the near future. So I revised my goals for 2013.

My Goals For 2013:

  • Finish all existing WIP’s. I’d like to complete at least 3 WIP’s before casting on a new project.
  • Have no more than 3 projects on the needles at the same time.
  • Learn to sew!!!
  • Blog! (well I have started working on that goal)  Update blog often and regularly.

What about you? What goals are you working on to make 2013 the best year yet?