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Sock Madness

Last week, the first day of spring brought a lot of promise that warm weather was heading to upstate New York. That morning we awoke to rain and most of the snow had melted during the night. Of course it was only 33 F outside so walkways were icy, but it was a nice change from the blistering cold that consumed our winter.

Yay, geese!

The geese returning north was another welcoming sign that spring is heading our way! 😀

Of course that spring feeling didn’t last long. The very next morning we had a blanket if snow covering the ground. The look on my sons was one of bewilderment and heartbreak all at the same time. He turned to me and said “but mom yesterday was spring!”, poor kid.

Since things are still cold around here I have been inspired to finish up some socks I have had on the needles, so that I can start on more socks! 😀

In January I had decided to start knitting a pair of worsted weight socks for my son to wear when he was ice skating. Of course I had good intentions of finishing them during prime ice skating season, but they have been lying about missing one toe and two heels. when I picked them back up last week I was amazed at how quickly they were finished.!  🙂Worsted Weight Socks

These are knit with Paton classic wool in the Lemongrass colorway. I just love how bright they are!

Also languishing on the needles had been a Nagini sock that I had cast on way back in July!

I am not very satisfied by how this sock turned out, which could very well be the reason I stopped knitting on it. The sock is knit toe up, which isn’t my favorite way to knit a sock but I have had successful results in the past with this method.
When I found the sock the heel and heel flap was already knit I just had to knit the leg and cuff. When I tried it on afterward I noticed that the sock is more than an inch longer then my foot. 😦

Nagini Socks

To frog or not frog, that is the question.

If the only problem with my Nagini socks was that is was too big then it would be easily solved by gifting them to someone with larger feet. However, the real problem is now that I have it finished I can’t seem to find the other sock, which I am almost positive I had already knit and finished eons ago. Or the other skein of yarn to knit the second sock in the event that my memory is completely failing me, sigh!  Well at least I have one sock done in the event the other one decides to show up. 😛

Until then it is on to a new pair of socks! 😉


February: The Month of Baby Knits

When I found out that my sister was pregnant back in September  my mind immediately flooded with  all sorts of things I wanted to knit. Of course, by  reading blogs and checking out Pinterest, I also found a few things I wanted to attempt to sew. So when I was told that the tentative date for my sister’s baby shower is going to be the first weekend in April I was both delighted and surprised. I mean that leaves what about 8 weeks for knitting and learning  how to get along with my sewing machine! Scary!!

I am so glad I got so many of my WIPs done in January, because I am declaring February to be the month of baby knits. Last night I cast on for Elefante by Susan B. Anderson, and I am planing on knitting Free ‘n’ Easy Striped Baby Blanket (ravelry link) and Baby Pears Blanket Buddy (ravelry link). I need to go yarn shopping before I can start them (Yay, yarn shopping!!) and while I am yarn shopping I will be checking out some cute fabrics too. I am thinking about starting simple with sewing maybe do a couple of burp cloths or bibs.

What are some of your favorite “go to” baby projects?


It Was a Cold Night!

I didn’t get a chance to post last night because as I sat down to blog I noticed that the house was growing colder than usual. I checked the thermostat and sure enough, it was 4 degrees cooler than it was set for. Ugh, it was time to call the landlord.  Unfortunately the furnace required parts that couldn’t be bought til morning. So I didn’t do much knitting today, because I found the best way to stay warm was to move around and generate my own heat while things were being repaired.I sure am glad things are in working order now! 😀

Tomorrow I am planning on making up for lost time. 🙂 I am planning to bring the sweater I found the other day with me to my mom’s tomorrow to see if she can help me figure out the best way to pick up the stitches along the edge . Things are just not working out right for me, I am still having problems picking up the recommended amount of stitches. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can help see things in another way (at least that is what I am hoping).


A Well Recieved Gift

It is Sunday night and I have to say that I feel I have had a pretty productive weekend. There is nothing like ending the weekend with such a feeling of accomplishment. I hope to carry some of the good vibes over into the week (even if I am still on vacation).

Yesterday I mentioned that I had finished up the bunny for my niece. Well I brought it to her today, and I have to say that I was delighted with her reaction. I was prepared for her to open it and toss it to the side like most things toddlers receive, but instead she squealed with delight. She was even more entranced with the bunny once she realized that there was veggies that the bunny actually could eat.

Crocheted bunny with veggies

Bunny eating veggies

As for my progress on the ancient WIP I found yesterday, I am happy to announce that I have sewn in sleeves and knitted the collar. I am still working on picking up the 275 stitches for the ribbing, but at least I am working on it. So far I am sticking to my goals for 2013, finishing those WIPs . I already have my next project planned out, which I think is the driving force getting these lingerers out of the way.