Some Knitting and a lot of Waiting!

It seems like forever since my last post! The past week has been filled with some knitting and a lot of waiting!

First I’d like to talk about the Baby Sophisticate sweater I was knitting. This  is knit from top down, so that it is seamless. I think this is the first time I have ever knit a seamless sweater, and I have to say that I love it! It is amazing that when the knitting of the sweater is finished you actually have a sweater, not just pieces of a sweater!

Almost finished!

The knitting part of the sweater is done!

I did make some adjustments to the pattern. I picked up 4 stitches in the armpit of each sleeve to avoid the hole the would need to be sewn (can you tell I hate seaming knitted items).  Then to avoid the wrist opening from being to large I decided I would decrease the 4 extra stitches out just before the cuff.

I have found the grosgrain ribbon that I am going to use on the button band, but the search for the perfect buttons is still on. :-\ While on a button hunt this weekend I thought I came across the perfect buttons, only to be disappointed to find out they only had 2 of the buttons in stock and I needed 4! Also I am planning on adding a sheep applique to the front of the sweater.

I had placed an order from Knit Picks and have been waiting for what seems like forever for it to arrive. Today after sending 2 people to the post office to check the mail it finally arrived!

Oooh! Look at all the pretty colors!

My first yarn order from Knit Picks ever! 🙂

I am not sure if you can tell, but I am super excited! I have never ordered yarn from Knit Picks before and I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed fondling all the yarn this evening! The colors are amazing and the textures are great! Definitely worth the wait. 😀



12 responses to “Some Knitting and a lot of Waiting!

  1. I’ve heard wonderful things about KnitPicks! Enjoy! When I still knitted, I was the queen of reverse engineering sweater patterns to avoid as much seaming as possible. Due to drape, it typically worked best when my son was small. Lots and lots of knitting in the round and stitch markers… I do not like seaming!

  2. The sweater looks nice. You’ll have to show us with the buttons and appliqué!

  3. Your Baby Sophisticate is adorable! It’s such a great pattern. And I love all of the COLOR you got from Knitpicks!

  4. That is an impressive pile of yarn! I hope you have fun knitting it all.

  5. The cardigan looks great! Good luck on the button search 😉 I feel your pain! The KnitPicks yarn is lovely – so bright and a great selection of colours.

  6. Ooo, I’m jealous of that sweater! I still haven’t tackled sweater knitting myself, but yours turned out lovely!

  7. I adore Knit Picks yarn! The new Brava line is great for baby afghans. Your sweater is lovely! Hope you post a pic with the buttons.

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