February: The Month of Baby Knits

When I found out that my sister was pregnant back in September  my mind immediately flooded with  all sorts of things I wanted to knit. Of course, by  reading blogs and checking out Pinterest, I also found a few things I wanted to attempt to sew. So when I was told that the tentative date for my sister’s baby shower is going to be the first weekend in April I was both delighted and surprised. I mean that leaves what about 8 weeks for knitting and learning  how to get along with my sewing machine! Scary!!

I am so glad I got so many of my WIPs done in January, because I am declaring February to be the month of baby knits. Last night I cast on for Elefante by Susan B. Anderson, and I am planing on knitting Free ‘n’ Easy Striped Baby Blanket (ravelry link) and Baby Pears Blanket Buddy (ravelry link). I need to go yarn shopping before I can start them (Yay, yarn shopping!!) and while I am yarn shopping I will be checking out some cute fabrics too. I am thinking about starting simple with sewing maybe do a couple of burp cloths or bibs.

What are some of your favorite “go to” baby projects?



8 responses to “February: The Month of Baby Knits

  1. My go-to baby projects used to be cute little bolero sweaters back when I could knit. Now, I go easymode and take some minky fabric, and a cool pattern of quilting cotton – as geeky as I can go, start the next generation off right – and sew blankies.

  2. I’ve recently fallen in love with the Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat!(http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/easy-peasy-newborn-sock-hat)
    It has a super sweet little knot on top XD
    I’m also trying out the Closeknit’s Striped Baby Boots (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/closeknits-striped-baby-boots), only I’m not striping them, I’m using my verigated “Stuck-in-Gum Sheep” yarn!

    Good luck with all the baby knits! I managed to get a blanket knit up for my little girl in a little over a month, hopefully with 8 weeks you’ll get more done 😉

  3. Oh gosh, thanks for the links! It seems like everyone I know is pregnant!

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  5. The Baby Kina is a great knit for baby girls. Nice and quick and so, so cute 🙂

    • I just looked it up on ravelry, you’re right it is super cute! I am going to have to keep that in mind next girl that arrives in our family, girls tend to out number the boys around here so it probably won’t be to long of a wait ;-).

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