Moose Mitts

Hard to believe that it already Sunday night. Where does the time go?!

Today has been a very blustery day,  so I was grateful to be inside knitting on my son’s Moose Mitts.

Moose Mitts

The moose design is too cute!

I had used the Red Heart Soft yarn that was left over from the moose hat I had made him. I had loved this yarn when I made the hat, but I did not have the same fondness this time around. I found that it left an inconstancy in stitch definition and  was difficult to get it to the ends secure.

Moose Mitts

I love the cute tree pattern on the palm side.

The pattern was easy to follow which made this project super fun. Not to mention the design is adorable. If I make these again I would make some changes. I would work it so that the moose design was on the back of the hand rather than the tops of the wrists.  I realize that it was probably designed that way because the hand portion would be shorter as fingerless gloves.

My son says they are warm and comfy. 🙂

My son loves the mitts. He promises to wear them everyday and won’t forget them in school. LOL, I give it a week. 😉



7 responses to “Moose Mitts

  1. I think they came out great!! I like the tree too. Maybe make a yarn tie to attach them to the inside of his jacket – I would be heartbroken if they got lost and if he is anything like my boys . . . . .

    • Thank you!
      I had thought about it, but he says he is far too old for any baby things like that (he is 9). He lost the hat and found it the next day in the lost and found. I guess that the one good thing about hand knit hats and mittens no one else can say that the look like theirs. 😉

      • I get that. My 8 year old seems to be at that lost and found box on a very regular basis. We finally discovered they had a second lost and found box at school – and finally found that blue jacket which had been missing for a month. Sigh. 9 year olds appreciate cool hats and mittens too so I know he is happy.

  2. I am LOVING the moose! That’s a really wonderful project you completed! I hope your son is able to hold up his end of the bargain!

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