Hooray For Knitcation!

I am loving vacation! Or should I say knitcation (hehe).  All this uninterrupted knitting time while the kids are in school sure is making me just about the happiest person on the planet. I spent my day knitting alpaca headbands, for a woman who owns a local alpaca farm.  She had ask my to make a few before Christmas, but in all the rushing around that the holidays  bring, I nearly forgot about them.  I sure did make up for lost time though, I knit 2 headbands (they are currently blocking at my mom’s house no picture yet) & wound another 3 skeins of yarn all before the bus dropped the kids back off. 🙂

A few skeins of alpaca still waiting to be wound.

You are probably saying to yourself, “Umm, didn’t she say she was going to be working on that ancient WIP of hers? What is she doing? Is she straying away from her 2013 goals ALREADY?!”

Well don’t worry I have not completely strayed from my goals. After all it was my goal to have no more than 3 projects going at once, and since I have already finished three WIPs since starting this blog it left me open to start a new project. I also think because this was something I was already under obligation to complete it makes it perfectly OK. Besides I did work on that sweater too. However picking up 275 stitches along the edge takes more time than I thought. I wish I had spent a little time figuring out how often I should pick up a stitch first. LOL


2 responses to “Hooray For Knitcation!

  1. Knitcations are THE BEST! I was sick recently and spent about four days just knitting. I didn’t even mind the reason I had so many days off! 😉

  2. Oh, I wish I was on knitcation right now. The yarn you’re knitting with looks gorgeous! I’m eager to see how it looks knit-up. .

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