An Ancient WIP

Today was one of those days where nothing ever seems to go right, so therefore not much gets done. I have been working on crocheting a bunch of veggies for a bunny that I am giving to my 20 month old niece, for Christmas (Yes, I know it’s late…. but better late than never right?!). Well I was finishing up a cabbage when I started thinking ….Hmm, where did I put the little bit of left over orange I had. I looked around in the few baskets I have sitting by my computer desk, but couldn’t find it. So I have a brilliant idea, let’s look through the bins of stash.

Looking through my stash is not really as time consuming as I have heard others say. I have two plastic totes, neither of them are very large. I pull the totes out of the small closet behind my furnace and start rummaging. Still did not find the orange yarn, must be in the spare tote up in my bedroom closet. However, I did find a WIP in my stash tote. Not just a regular WIP, I would classify this as an ancient WIP! In the tote was a little girl’s cardigan that I was making for my sister who is now 21! I think this must be at least 16 years old! I tried it on my daughter and it looks like it might fit her in the spring , so now I am aiming to finish it up.

I will post pictures tomorrow of the rabbit and it’s veggies. By the time it was finished the natural lighting was gone.


3 responses to “An Ancient WIP

  1. Oh, how funny! Can’t wait to see it!

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