Making Progress!

I know it was only yesterday that I sat here blogging about how far behind I was with my knitting, but I have been very productive since then. I had the day off from work today so after dropping the kids off to catch the bus I sat down and visited with my mom while working on a few WIPs. In just a few hours I found that I had completed both WIPs I brought with me!

The first was a pullover sweater that I had started last January for my nephew. I remember falling in love with the pattern, Snow Time Parka  and I loved every  minute of knitting this sweater. I used Red Heart With Love yarn, which I think is super soft and durable (which is a must for an 8 year old boy). So, you may be wondering, what the heck happened that I put off finishing it for an entire year?! Well truth be told I loath seaming and weaving in ends, it gets me every time! I have to say I love the way it turned out now that it is finished.

My first FO of 2013!

After such a confidence booster of having my first FO (finished object) done for the year I wasted no time finishing the legwarmers my daughter has been waiting patiently for.  All that was left was the last inch or so on the second leg and the pesky ends to weave in. So before I knew it I was done!

My daughter couldn’t wait to try them on.

When I told my 6yo that I had finished her legwarmers, I got the world’s biggest smile and hug . Which was the best reward in the world!


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